Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo Diary: Caleruega Retreat House in Batangas

I sooo love this place! 

From the title itself, Caleruega is a place for retreats and recollections. We actually had our senior retreat here that's why I had few shots taken. The place is sooo perfect!

From the panoramic view of mountain ranges,

colorful flowers in its surroundings,

Quiet environment where you can just feel the breeze, 
The scenery is really captivating. 

And at night, the lights adorned in these trees are really lovely! It's like a romantic place for lovers. ;)

There is also the transfiguration chapel where we witnessed a ceremonial wedding. Yeah, it's a small chapel yet it is a favorite of many. Maybe because you can feel the place enveloping in every vein of your body. I actually took some photos of the bride. I feel so awed with her wedding gown. I got teary-eyed too when they open the door of the chapel, and bubbles suddenly flew away. Awww, it's really nice. (I think, i wanna marry here!)

When you cross the hanging bridge, you can witness the perfect scenery of the hillside. (I actually got freak out here coz im afraid of heights lol, so I just fake a smile so it would look good on the photos. ^^)

I also took a photo of this cute doggy. Big nose! oh dear, haha!

Overall, the experience is super fun! The place is really worth while. 


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