Monday, September 12, 2011

Product Review: NIVEA Pinkish Boost 3 in 1

Actually I didn’t plan to buy this product, it’s just that my mother point it out and said that I should try it. So I just grabbed it from the counter and put it on our groceries. She’ll pay for it so what the heck?!

Anyways, enough of story-telling, here goes my review.

Product Name: Nivea Pinkish Boost 3 in 1

Product Description:  “The innovation formula of NIVEA Lip care Pinkish Boost with Pinkish vitamin complex and regenerative Ginseng enhances the natural rosiness of your lips. Enriched with moisturizers to provide long lasting moisture for 8 hours. The result is healthy, natural pinkish lips without having to use coloured lipstick."
  • Ø  Restores your natural pinkish lips colour
  • Ø  Reduces dullness of your lips
  • Ø  SPF 15 protects the lips from further darkening

Price: I’m not quite sure, I think it’s Php 170 something.

My Personal Experience on this Product

Contents: For the color, it is sheer-looking rosy pink, hence almost barely there and didn’t last long on my lips. Anyways, this somehow compliments the smell that is powdery-rose fragrance. But I’m not a fan of rosy smell, so it kinda turns me off.

Packaging: Its quite simple tube container wherein you press the body to squeeze out the content. Also kinda girly for its pink color. 


  • Ø  It comes with SPF 15 for sun protection.
  • Ø  Its moisturizing and very hydrating.
  • Ø  Handy pack
  • Ø  Girly-looking container
  • Ø  Glossy, shiny-looking
  • Ø  Its tinted so it gives you natural pinkish lips

  • Ø  Tastes like plastic (didn’t like it)
  • Ø  Pretty much costly for 10mL
  • Ø  Somehow it doesn't apply evenly
  • Ø  Moisturizing effect doesn't last long, needs reapplication

Will I repurchase this product?

Don’t think so. I just can’t tolerate its strong perfumey scent.

Rating: 3/5 

Overall rating: I think I can use this as a lip balm for its highly moisturizing effect. If I use this as a lip gloss, maybe just for a little glossy look but for the color alone, I dont think it pays off. 

Have you tried this out yet? Tell me what you think. 



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