Friday, October 14, 2011

Missing in Action (for sometime, I’ll definitely come back!)

Hi there dolls! I know, I’m kinda M.I.A recently since I'm starting to review thoroughly for my board exam. The reason why I've decided to post something here is... because I have to tell you girls that I'll be going M.I.A-mode in these succeeding months, yes, months. It's really hard for me to do this, now that I'm so attached on my blog. I’ll miss my blogging days for sure, but I really have to review for my board exam, I’ve got 3 months to do that, coz on January will be my BIG DAY. Cross-fingers!  

And then, maybe after my board exam, I will have my blog giveaways as a thank you gift for my lovely readers and followers. But since I’m on a tight schedule to think about that,I will try to plan on the items to give on my free time. 

Anyway....I will come back.. I will.. Bye ladies! :)

I will still try to post some updates here, especially that holidays are coming. So dont hesitate to at least glance on my blog posts because I always check my email to know if someone followed me, read my blog or posted comments. So feel free to read on my posts and leave some comments. I will answer them as soon as I can. 

Wish me luck on my board exam! :)


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red Girl + Supermarket + Few Makeup Haul

I bought these things in different days, but I’ve decided to publish it on one whole post. This will just be a quick post since I have lot of things to do. Super!

These beauty products on the other hand were purchased on an Online shop,  NYX Cosmetics Supplier by Samsville. When I pick up this one from the courier, I immediately open it right after sitting on my car. Haha, too much excited?

Sorry if I haven’t pictured these babies with their seal on. I’d quickly unwrapped their seals and tried it on my lips! So I got these EOS lip balm for Php 220 each. The flavor I’d pick were Summerfruit and Honeysuckle! Finally, I have these babies na! It's actually on my wishlist, thank God I got my hands on these! 

I got a little bit disappointed on this one, I thought it’s a big box, but actually it’s not. It’s like a somewhat a sample kit. Anyway, I got this NYC Smooth Mineral Starter Kit for Php 250 only, that’s why I purchase this one since it’s cheap.

So here are the things I’ve bought from Robinsons Department store in Cabanatuan. It’s on sale so we got tempted to buy some stuff. J

I just grab this one and it fits great! It’s a maong shorts with some faded part on the middle. I got this Red Girl shorts for Php 450.

It just happened that I want some black jeans so I bought this Red Girl black pants for Php 550. It’s kinda long on the bottom part, anyway I’ll send it on a tailor shop and alter the size. #lol

We went on a grocery so I just bought these items for my personal use.
From L-R: Vitresse Hair Cuticle Coat, Biogenic Hand Sanitizer, Jonhson’s Baby shampoo, Schick 2+1 Shaver

That’s it dolls! Got to do something! Have a nice day!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Nail of the Week: Etude House Matte Nail Polish in Pink

So here’s my first ever blog post on nails and actually my first ever matte nail polish. I chose the pink one because my sister keeps on bugging me not to get the lavender coz she got that already. Sos!

I’m not sure about the name because the label is on Korean. Anyways, thank goodness I’ve finally cleaned my nails and change the shade. Haha.

More photos:

With flash

With flash

Natural Light

Natural Light

I’m quite impressed on this one since it dries up fast. I need to do two coats to achieve its opacity and topped it with Caronia Colorless to make it glossy. It’s looks yummy right? So girly..:)

Have you tried this out yet? What’s your verdict?


Sunday, October 2, 2011

[CLOSED] Inspired by Beauty: Giveaway To Mark The End Of Summer

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