Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red Girl + Supermarket + Few Makeup Haul

I bought these things in different days, but I’ve decided to publish it on one whole post. This will just be a quick post since I have lot of things to do. Super!

These beauty products on the other hand were purchased on an Online shop,  NYX Cosmetics Supplier by Samsville. When I pick up this one from the courier, I immediately open it right after sitting on my car. Haha, too much excited?

Sorry if I haven’t pictured these babies with their seal on. I’d quickly unwrapped their seals and tried it on my lips! So I got these EOS lip balm for Php 220 each. The flavor I’d pick were Summerfruit and Honeysuckle! Finally, I have these babies na! It's actually on my wishlist, thank God I got my hands on these! 

I got a little bit disappointed on this one, I thought it’s a big box, but actually it’s not. It’s like a somewhat a sample kit. Anyway, I got this NYC Smooth Mineral Starter Kit for Php 250 only, that’s why I purchase this one since it’s cheap.

So here are the things I’ve bought from Robinsons Department store in Cabanatuan. It’s on sale so we got tempted to buy some stuff. J

I just grab this one and it fits great! It’s a maong shorts with some faded part on the middle. I got this Red Girl shorts for Php 450.

It just happened that I want some black jeans so I bought this Red Girl black pants for Php 550. It’s kinda long on the bottom part, anyway I’ll send it on a tailor shop and alter the size. #lol

We went on a grocery so I just bought these items for my personal use.
From L-R: Vitresse Hair Cuticle Coat, Biogenic Hand Sanitizer, Jonhson’s Baby shampoo, Schick 2+1 Shaver

That’s it dolls! Got to do something! Have a nice day!



  1. I love my EOS!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  2. EOS lipbalms are amazing and so cute!! :)

  3. Love the eos lip balms they are my favorite!:)