Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bicolandia – Caramoan Island [Day 2]

For our second day, we opted to go to the islands of Caramoan, Camarines Sur. To be honest, I’m not really familiar of this place, I have no idea what to expect other than they say it’s known as the favorite site of the reality game show, Survivor. And I’m like, “whatsoever, let’s just go”.. But you know, you wouldn’t believe how amazing this place was, it has really, really something to boast about – it’s the pristine water and very fine white sand, something beach bums would really craved for.

Anyway, let’s just talk about how did we get there. I think, it’s past 5 in the morning when our driver got in Ellis Ecotel to fetch us. We’re actually on a run because we have to make it in Sabang port before 7am, because the next trip will be 9am na. It’s just that we didn’t make it, it was past 7am already that’s why our driver stopped by Partido Riviera viewing deck for some picture taking.

Welcome to Partido Riviera!

I’m not sure of the name of that island, but the view here is really nice.

Say hello to my officemates/friends! (I’m not there, obviosuly..)

Solo pic, syempre.. :)

Just mind the backdrop. (Forgive my buhaghag hair, haha!) 

It was 8am something when we arrived in Sabang Port and the place is chaotic! Local people are asking something we don’t understand, I guess they’re offering to carry our luggages (but of course, we have to pay them some penny). Then looking at the “port”, it was really scary. I anticipated that there will be a real port, but it was just a beach! And the thing is, we were almost late pala! The boat was about to leave and we have to be carried by floating port (if we could have called it that way), which are interconnected by floating drums and woods. When we were seated inside the boat, it started its motor and we left Sabang port. The ride was sort of wavy, and water were splashing on our faces, thank God I was able to handle it. The fare is Php 120.00 pala, one way.

Aboard the boat. Thankfully it’s not really crowded.

You can see Mt. Mayon if you look on the right side. So I suggest you took that seat. ;)

After two hours (which is probably the longest two hours of my life), we finally arrived in Guijalo port where our tour guide was waiting for us.
My group!! :D Mind you, mahangin talaga!  

We checked in a house/villa somewhere in the centro, but I forgot the name of the place. Hehe.. Dropped off our things, ate lunch (which are really good) and changed our clothes. After that, our tour guide said that after lunch, we will start our island hopping adventure!!  

Hop on guys, this is it!! Of course, picture-picture!

So here’s our itinerary:
1. Matukad Island
For our first stop, we went to Matukad island. Our tour guide said that we will go to the famous lagoon where the Magic Bangus resides. Kahit mga matatanda or bata, kayang-kaya daw pumunta dun. And we are all excited, coz we thought it will be like trekking on mountains, but no, it’s completely different. We have to do rock climbing to see the lagoon, as in!! We didn’t expect this actually, anyway, I think we should have to try it at least. But first, I have to take some snapshots of the beach. Hehe!

The great white sand of Matukad Island. Perfect for beach bums!!

This is definitely breathtaking place.. also, good spot for swimming!

Of course, I need to have a picture on this wonderful place!

Group pic again! Credits to our tour guide/driver/photographer, Kuya Nido.

And now, it’s time for some rock climbing madness!! Thank God I have my digicam for the convenience of taking pictures. Forgive me for so many photos, Kuya Nido can’t stop taking us pictures.

Ayun oh, seryoso kami sa pag-akyat.

Oh no, not my behind. Anyway, I’m just emphasizing here how steep the cliff is! 

That’s me and Ate Christie, my former officemate.

Oh di ba, ang taas! And we’re all like, “sana hindi din ito ang way pababa”, Pero eto pdn pala.. K Just a little more, almost there...

And there you have it, we’ve made it on the very top of the cliff, very fulfilling! So picture-picture muna!!

Where the girls are?! 

That’s the Secret Lagoon and its Magic Bangus, in fact, we saw that so-called "magic" bangus, all I can say is it's just big. Nobody dares to go down there because many of those who did, either died or something really bad happened to them. Hmm, creepy.... :| 

Yeah boi, we made it on top!!

Now it’s time to go down. Can’t wait to take a dip on the beach.

xempre, smile pa din, even though we all looked exhausted. 

The view of Matukad Island from the top of the cliff. 

Here’s my proof!! And I’m really proud of myself. This is far greater than my dance class, very tiring, I tell you. 

Jump shot ng tatlong Maria!

And now, what’s next? Still rock climbing, sa kabilang rock formation naman.. You see that rock we've shot earlier from the top of the cliff? That's our next destination. 

Looking so haggard huh?

Another rock formation to climb..

Mukhang kina-career namin toh ah!

And of course, we got tired from that activity, but it’s really worth it, I tell you. So after that, we rested for awhile then went swimming to experience our first dip in Caramoan’s crystal clear waters. 
This rock climbing thingy is really strenuous ha. 

Lupasay na sila. Haha!

Guess who's that guy??!! haha :D

Just playing around, swimming, sand bathing..Oh yeah, that's what you call LIFE!! 

2. Lahos Island
Next stop is just across Matukad Island which is Lahos Island. I love this place because it’s like we own the island! And there are two shores, the main side is where our boat docked, while the other side is where the waves keep crashing those rocks. We decided not to swim in Lahos because we’re kinda tired from rock climbing. So we just opted for some photoshoot. 
Compared to Matukad, the sand here is really not that fine. But who cares, the place is still amazing!


My Signature Shot.. 

Here comes the waves....

Narcissism it is, haha!

♪ We’re sexy and we know it.. 

3. Minalahos Island & Cagbalinad Island
We moved to our next destination which is Cagbalinad. It is a small islet just across Gota Island, which has a lush green hills and rock formations. There’s nothing much to see in this island, that’s why we just sit back and enjoyed its beautiful scenery.
That’s Gota Island/Village where Survivor series are currently filming.  

This is where we stayed, no one is allowed yet to visit Gota Island since they're filming there. 

Wow, something you won't forget in this place, the reason why you'll definitely come back. 

Just a quick note for my OOTD. Sorry!

Outfit post: Cinderella bikini, coverup, Jelly Nelly sandals, Hawaiian Sun sunnies

I can't stop but stare at this beautiful spot. @_@

Thank God, we've brought some foods to munch! :)

Then, for our last stop, we went to Minalahos Island. I didn’t took photos here because I want to take the pleasure of swimming with my friends. Actually, planning for our next trip, haha!  
Snapshot while on our boat. 

Closer look on this amazing limstone rock formation. 

After that, we finished our island hopping experience around 5pm and returned back to our hotel/villa. We changed our clothes and went back to the centro to visit their red-bricked church, St. Michael The Archangel Parish. And of course, also for some souvenir shopping.
St. Michael The Archangel Parish

I dont even know what statue is this. I’m just sure it has a HUGE head. Haha!

Souvenir shop, which can be found in their town proper. There are actually many things to choose from. I got 3 magnets for Php100.00. What a deal!

Overall, this island hopping adventure ended with absolutely joy and contentment. These islands would really satisfy your cravings for some r and r. I never thought actually that I will be amazed by this hidden paradise. These are so incomparable to other destinations of the country, truly remarkable. No wonder Survivor series kept coming back on this place. 

♥ xoxo