Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bicolandia – Legazpi City/Mayon Adventure [Day 3]

I admit, I totally forgot to finish our Bicolandia adventure. I’m so pre-occupied in my work and other stuff, you know. Anyway, soooo.. without further ado, here I am, writing our 3rd day post.. Yehey! (Forgive me if most of this post are just plain photos. Hehe.)

 You can also read our second day trip on Caramoan Islands here.

These are just some of the photos outside our villa.. It’s so probinsya-looking, right? Fresh air, green beautiful scenery of mountains, carabaos eating grass.. its just so serene. 

I think, at least I have to introduce to you our tour guide/photographer/boatman/driver. Meet Kuya Nido.  Anyway, hop on guys, we’ll head back to the port, back to Legazpi City. 

A quick snapshot while waiting for other passengers.

So there goes another 2 hours (longest 2 hours for real) of boat ride from Guijalo Port to Sabang Port. And as usual, the first 30 minutes of the ride was really rough, maybe because it’s early morning and the tides are somewhat high. I was really focusing that time just not to puke and I was always looking at my watch, dismay that 15 minutes just passed and the boat is still rocking madness. Oh my!

And then, when we arrived in Sabang port, our hired driver is still not there, he was stuck in a traffic. Anyway, just after 20 minutes, he arrived and we head back to Legazpi City. As we continue to travel to towns heading to Tabaco City, we've come across three huge crosses on the right side that were built in memory of the people who perished during Typhoon Reming in 2006. 

This is a still image while the van is actually moving. Amazing. 

If you actually take a closer look on Mayon Volcano, you’ll see the cracks on its near perfect cone image. 

Of course, we can’t stop taking photos of this scenic view of the lovely Mayon Volcano. Also, these are the three huge crosses I'm talking about.

As they say, Mayon Volcano is a blessing, but also it is a curse. 

Oh my, clouds are almost covering its picturesque view. 

When we got back in Legazpi City, we checked in Ellis Ecotel just like in our first daythen went to Lignon Hill for our next stop.

Welcome to Lignon Hill! I’ve heard there are lots of activities in this place, so here we go. 

Yeah I know, it is extremely steep, but we didn’t went that way. 

First stop is the Japanese Underground Tunnel. To be honest it is sort of creepy with all those Japanese manequins. And you have to crawl on the very end. :|  

Next is the Kapit-Tuko trail which is ridiculously steep!! I thought it’s just a simple trailing activity, but we didn’t expect this to be sooo effin long. Todo pawis kami dito, as in!

Overlooking view of the airport atop the hill. 

Look at our faces, we are extremely tired from Kapit tuko trail. 

 Since obviously, I cant take pictures while climbing, I just took photos on this beautiful flower upon reaching the top of the hill.

 Then after that, finally, we arrived from the very top of Lignon Hill. There we found a mini restaurant where we bought some refreshments. And of course, we took photos on the enchanting Mayon Volcano.

To be honest, I really took lots of photos of this towering Mayon, it is really impossible to not take a glimpse of her. I just sit there and just look at her and appreciate her enchanting beauty. Mayon is really a nation’s pride that offers a very stunning view of a near-perfect cone. Wherever you go in Albay, you will definitely be captivated on its charming beauty.

I also tried their zipline which is actually my first time. Hahaha! Well, I was screaming my heart out at first, but after that, it was really fun, it's like I wanna try again!! (yeah, i have fans in this photo, hehe)

Then after that, we went to Cagsawa ruins to witness its so-called postcard view. 

As we all know, Cagsawa Ruins are famous for its bell tower – which now remains of the Cagsawa Church that was destroyed when Mayon erupted in 1814. 

After that, we went in Balay Suanoy for dinner. I really recommend this restaurant because the ambiance is really appealing, and the food are awesome, plus the fact that it's pocket-friendly. 

Photo Credits: Balay Suanoy Facebook 

Saw this in their decors. Partial devastation of Cagsawa Church.

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and rest. We really got tired from that Lignon Hill-Cagsawa Ruins adventure, so we went to sleep thereafter. We woke up around 5am to go back to reality, back to Manila. 

All in all, Bicolandia is really an enticing experience you should try. Be prepared and be mesmerized by this Legazpi-Caramoan adventure. Now, I really can say, it’s MORE FUN in the PHILIPPINES! 

♥ xoxo