Sunday, January 20, 2013

Giveaway Winnings [Part 2]

Hello ladies (and gentlemen, if in case)! So as the title says, this post will be about my various winnings on different blogs for the past months. Everytime I won something, small or big, it really makes me uber excited.. So now, I’m gonna share with you these 4 AMAZING giveaway prizes.

What did I win from them?

I won from her Holiday Nail Giveaway which includes 16 Jeanmishel nail polishes and nail foil stickers. Elena is really so generous, she also included nail shapers (not included in pictures). What I really like about this blogger is that until now, we are still communicating, talking about different stuff. 

I’m lucky to won this Impulse Co  clutch from my fellow Thomasian Nicole. We actually met inside UST, too bad we can’t get to talk that much since she still have classes so she had to run back to her room. Hehe..

The Makeup Train
Then, I won here the Essence of Beauty Duo Brush set and a sample of Sephora eyeshadows. Well, before her blog was more of cosmetics, but now she shifted into a food blog. Check her blog here: The Cat Lady Cook  and read those yummy posts. 

The House of Luxe x StyleSurgery
Lastly, I won lots of accessories from MegannMonday’s giveaway sponsored by House of Luxe! I’m really loving the bracelets for sure! Can’t wait to try them out.. J

So that’s it! Did you like them?

What about you lovelies, have you received something from your mail? You can share them to me here.. 

♥ xoxo 



  1. Wow! Yoy have a lot of winnings! Really lucky!

    By the way, followed you already on GFC like you said!


  2. You are a one lucky girl Alta!! Totally loved your winnings :)

    Hey you new follower here!
    Come visit us sometime and will love it if you join us on GFC too :)

  3. Lucky alta :) new follower here

    Checkout my valentine's day giveaway :)

  4. Congrats sis sa winnings. :) Kinilig ako sa mga nail stuffs. Do we even have the nail foil stickers here yet?

  5. Wow, that's a lot! Congrats with all those great looking items!

  6. wow! I haven't experienced winning four giveaways in a row! you are so lucky!

    btw, I currently have a giveaway on my blog where you could win $20 worth of Romwe coupon. Shop all you want if you are one of the two lucky winners :)

  7. Hi there!
    I have another giveaway on my blog right now. You can win awesome prizes! check 'em out