Saturday, June 22, 2013

Out with Google Reader, In with Bloglovin!

You may have heard of the rants about Google reader (and/or GFC), that they will soon be no more around the blogosphere. Yes, I believe it’s true and it will be gone by July 1st. They say that you can still see your GFC followers, but the sad part is that your readers won’t be able to see you feeds or posts. I thought, hey this happened years ago with Google Friend Connect, and now, history repeats itself, Google Reader will soon disappear.

Fortunately, I’ve already signed up with Bloglovin last year and actually I find it much easier to follow other blogs and read their new posts, promise! So to my loyal and faithful readers, let’s follow each other in Bloglovin.. 

Please click the link of the image below to follow my blog or you can find it on my sidebar. 

Follow on Bloglovin

And oh, if in case you don’t have an account, I highly recommend you to sign up now here. Then you can edit your profile, and you may even import the blogs you’re reading. Click the link here, then choose the Google Reader and in just seconds, voila! You can now view recent posts of your favorite bloggers. You see, it’s really simple. J

To my fellow bloggers, hope you all know about this issue and start blogging now to remind your readers. Have a happy weekend!
Always keep in touch, lovelies! J

♥ xoxo 


Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Polish Giveaway Winner!

Hello again! This is just a quick post on my polish giveaway winner last January,, hehe.. Fine, I totally forgot to announce it offcially here. But to let you know, I’ve already picked out the winner and it was already posted here. The prizes has been sent out and she posted it on instagram when she received it, too bad I can’t post it here. 

So let me congratulate..........

*drum rolllllllssssssss*

Aysen A.!!

And you know what, just recently she tweeted me that I also won her giveaway!! O db?! Amazing right? She won mine, I won hers.. Hehe..! It’s like we’re just exchanging gifts to each other.. Haha!

Anyway, I’ll update you guys when I received it.. eggzoited!!! ;)

♥ xoxo