About Me

This is Me

I'm 21, full pledged Thomasian pharmacist. Single but definitely not available. I'm currently working as a Regulatory pharmacist on a locally-based distributor somehwere in Makati City. :)

So what can I tell about myself? Well, I love dogs! We actually have like ten cute adorable dogs. We have Chow chow, Mini pincher, dachshund, German shepherd, Belgian, Labrador, half-dalmatian, Mongreal (askal as we call it) and combinations. 

Music is my stress reliever. I enjoy every genre of music,e.g. contemporary, RnB, classics. When things get really bad, i feel like music keeps me realize my life’s worth.

I'm not really good in grammar, but still I write what I think. Everything that goes on my mind, I just share.
I’m definitely a movie addict. I watched everything from horror, comedy, love stories, action, and animated films. Sometimes, its good to have time for myself alone. Just me and my laptop.

I'm not that special, but I’m quite friendly and outgoing person. I love jamming out and have fun with my girl friends, do pretty much whatever we want, like watching movies, playing in Timezone, overnight spending, shopping, food trippin, social drinking & bar hopping.

I’m also an organized person, Almost obsessive compulsive. I write everything on my schedule to remind me on different stuff. I always have this tickler on my baggy so I can remember the things I need to do.

I like reading books too. It gives me peace and calm whenever I read books, either thick or thin.

Also, I’m still on the process of learning photography. I don’t have a SLR cam, but I sill love my Sony digicam. I love taking photos of anything I see that’s beautiful and has meaning to it. Being a shutterbug makes me feel that photography is not just for own pleasure, but it’s because we want to share it to others. It helps me realize the beauty of the things around me; making me feel complete and contented in life. It’s like my self expression of my thoughts and feelings, and thus making my life colorful, full of blessings. 

Recently, I’m starting to love make-ups. I view lots of make-up tutorials on Youtube, and try to learn the basics on how to put them on. I don’t know, it just happened instantly that I have this fond of trying them out. I will try my best to reviews on different products I will use. Hopefully, you’ll love them too. J

Thank you for reading my blog. I'm so happy I could share my life's experience with you guys. 

Alta xoxo